Grants Management System Changes

Starting December 2021, the Agricultural Marketing Services’ (AMS) transitioned to new systems for financial assistance management. GrantSolutions is official grants management system and the Payment Management System (PMS) is the Grant Divisions tool to help grant recipients draw down funds.


GrantSolutions is a financial assistance management software platform that enables Federal agencies to manage grants and cooperative agreements through the entire award life cycle including pre-award, award, post-award, and closeout. GrantSolutions provides expert grants knowledge in collaboration with Partners and deliver solutions that meet a wide array of mission needs – from increased transparency and accountability to streamlining and optimizing performance outcomes. 

How will AMS’s grant recipients use GrantSolutions?

  • View your award(s) and related information such as the grant number, project and budget periods, total approved federal budget, and award terms and conditions
  • View PDF copies of your funding application and related award notice(s)
  • Communicate with and send documents to Federal staff via GrantSolutions “Grant Notes”
  • Manage award amendments and view their status after submission
  • View and submit program progress reports
  • Create, edit, submit, and view federal financial reports

Performance Progress Report (PPR)

On October 11, 2022, AMS launched a new tool called the Performance Progress Report (PPR). The PPR allows grant recipients to submit interim and final reports using an online template directly in GrantSolutions. For the FY22 reporting period, while we highly encourage recipients to submit reports through the online PPR, it is not yet required. 

For FY22 performance reporting, the following flexibilities have been granted:

  • If a recipient is unable to enter the information in the new reporting system and can demonstrate a good faith effort to do so, then we will allow them to attach a PDF file of the report using the “attachment” option in the PPR. Please note that you will still need to complete the online template required fields to submit the report with the attachment.
  • AMS may extend the submission deadline of the report for additional days on a case-by-case basis. We will ONLY grant extensions if your delay is a result of getting access to the online PPR tool. This extension will not exceed 30 calendar days.
  • For recipients serving as pass-through entities (providing subaward to subrecipients), AMS will allow the use of the attachment option to attach a combined PDF of subrecipient reports. Please note that recipients will still need to complete the prime recipient online template required fields to submit the report with the attachment.
  • AMS will accept reports by email ONLY if you are unable to submit your report due to technical issues in the PPR system.

Please note that, starting in October 2023, grant recipients MUST submit all interim and final reports submission through the custom PPR system in the next reporting cycle.

Additional PPR Guidance:

To Learn More about GrantSolutions:

Please contact the GrantSolutions Helpdesk via email ( or telephone (1-866-577-0771) for system support.

Payment Management System

Payment Management System (PMS) is a tool to help grant recipients draw down funds and file the Federal Financial Report (FFR). Primary responsibilities include: Executing awards; Maintaining minimum federal cash on hand by requesting funds from the Payment Management System only for immediate disbursement (3 business days) and reimbursement unless otherwise specified in your Notice of Award; Reporting cash disbursements to the Payment Management System and Maintaining your accounting record. This system also helps the AMS Grants Division manage grant payment requests, drawdowns, and disbursement reporting activities.

To Learn More about PMS: