Purchase Programs: Solicitations & Awards

AMS issues solicitations on an ongoing basis for over 200 different USDA Foods. Approved USDA Vendors are invited to submit offers via the Web-Based Supply Chain Management System (WBSCM). Choose from the list below to view current solicitations and contract award documents for different products or search by solicitation number.  Solicitations issued under the Trade Mitigation and Section 32 Purchase Programs are indicated as such in the Material Description section. 

NOTE: AMS commodity purchases of the products below are for domestic food distribution programs. For information about USDA’s international purchases for overseas food distribution, visit the International Commodity Procurement website.

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Solicitations Schedules

Archived Procurement Schedules

Master Solicitations

The Master Solicitations for Commodity Procurements detail the federal regulatory clauses and provisions and USDA and AMS policies applicable to AMS procurement activities. These documents serve as the foundation for contracts awarded by AMS and are incorporated by reference into each individual solicitation.  

Archived Master Solicitations: For purchases on or before December 31, 2016.

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