Enforcement Activity

COOL Enforcement

Retailers are required to identify the country of origin on covered foods using a label, stamp, mark, placard or other clear and visible sign on the covered commodity or on the package, display, holding unit, or bin containing the commodity at the final point of sale to consumers.

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FGIS Enforcement

The United States Grain Standards Act and the Agricultural Marketing Act regulations require that official personnel promptly report any violations of existing statutes, policies, procedures or instructions.

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Organic Enforcement

The USDA organic regulations describe the specific standards that farmers and processors must meet to use the word “organic” or the USDA organic seal on food, feed, or fiber.

Consumers purchase organic products expecting that they maintain their organic integrity from farm to market. Through enforcement, USDA creates a level playing field by taking action against farmers and businesses that violate the law and jeopardize consumer confidence in organic products.

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PACA Enforcement

The PACA prohibits certain types of conduct by fruit and vegetable buyers and sellers. Some examples of unfair trade practices include failing to make full payment promptly for produce purchases, misbranding or mislabeling of produce, making false and/or misleading statements in connection with produce transactions, and employing individuals under employment restrictions that were responsibly connected with a PACA violator firm.

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Packers and Stockyards Enforcement

The Packers and Stockyards Division (PSD) monitors industry activities and conducts regulatory compliance reviews and investigations to determine whether subject persons and firms are in compliance with the Packers and Stockyards Act (P&S Act) and regulations. 

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