Research & Promotion Programs

Since 1966, Congress has authorized industry-funded research and promotion (R&P) boards to provide a framework for agricultural industries to pool their resources and combine efforts to develop new markets, strengthen existing markets and conduct important research and promotion activities. The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) provides oversight, paid for by industry assessments, which helps ensure fiscal accountability and program integrity.  


AMS oversees 22 research and promotion boards that empower farmers, ranchers, and agricultural businesses.  The board members (appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture) and boards’ staff direct and carry out programs and day-to-day board management responsibilities. Every R&P program’s mission is to maintain and expand the markets for its commodity. AMS provides oversight and ensures fiscal responsibility, program efficiency, and fair treatment of participating stakeholders.  In order apply and enforce the legislative and regulatory provisions of checkoff acts and orders and promote consistency in oversight of all commodity promotion and research programs, AMS and the boards follow written and approved guidelines. 

Visit the individual board pages listed to the left to learn more about each program.  Visit their official sites for information on current activities, annual reports, and evaluations.

Help Shape the Future of Agriculture

Be a voice for your industry by serving on a Research & Promotion Program board.  Join a group that represents all facets of your industry - from producers to processors, manufacturers to importers - and help strengthen the future of American agriculture.  

Interested in learning about best outreach practices for connecting with individuals with underserved communities to serve on USDA boards and committees?  View the Together We Grow: Engaging Diverse Agricultural Communities featuring a panel discussion on this important topic. 

Download our R&P Call to Action to see how you can get involved.

Learn more about nomination opportunities for each board by checking the Notices to Trade.  USDA seeks nominees so that the diversity on the boards reflect the diversity of their industries.

How to Propose a National R&P Program

AMS will consider a proposal for creating a new R&P program if the proposal has substantial industry support. 

Cuba Stakeholder Information 

In March 2016, AMS hosted informational sessions with industry stakeholders on the normalization of relations with Cuba and what it means for AMS Research and Promotion Programs and Marketing Orders. Please email any questions regarding information activities, approval processes, travel requirements, and more on these activities in Cuba to

Organic Exemption from Assessment

Twenty-one (21) R&P programs allow persons that produce, handle, market, process, manufacture, feed or import “organic” and “100 percent organic” products to be exempt from paying assessments regardless of whether they are a “split” operation.