Egg and Egg Product Export Information

Further Processed Egg Products 

Through the collaborative efforts of the Foreign Agricultural Service and the Office of International Affairs at FDA, a Letter of Agreement between the agencies was signed providing AMS with the authority to perform onsite verification of public health certification statements and issue export certificates on a fee for service basis. The extent of the onsite verification process will be directly related to the complexity of the certification statements required by the foreign country of destination for the product. Establishment of the export certification program for FDA-regulated further processed eggs and egg product and composite foods containing egg products will allow U.S. processors access to expanding global markets supporting AMS goals in promoting the marketing of agricultural products.  To apply for the Further Processed Egg Program, fill out the application and email to

Approved companies that are verified by AMS as meeting the specific country and Program requirements may request an export certificate for FDA regulated egg product(s). Verification includes requirements relative to animal health, quality management systems, FDA Good Manufacturing Practices, and specific country requirements, as applicable. The certificate and processing records for maintaining the identity of the processed egg product from the time of production through packaging and labeling must be maintained by the company. The records must be consistent with the company’s quality management system processes.

Prior to shipping further processed egg products, exporters should be advised to have their importers confirm that the importing country will accept the certification statements indicated on the country requirements. Additional packaging and labeling requirements may need to be addressed with the importer before the product will be allowed into the country.

Listed below are eligible countries:

European Union Composite Certificate Guidance Documents

India Guidance Documents

In addition to the LP-234 certificate for further processed egg products, exports to India must be accompanied by the Company Self Certification Statement provided below.

Mexico Guidance Documents

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