Bovine, Ovine and Caprine Export Verification Programs

AMS reviews and approves companies as eligible suppliers of meat and meat products under the USDA Export Verification (EV) Programs. The EV Programs outline the specified product requirements for individual countries. The specified product requirements must be met through an approved Quality System Assessment Program.

Eligible suppliers are included in Business Directory Listing. Only eligible suppliers listed in the directory listing may supply product identified as meeting the requirements of the applicable USDA EV Program. Eligible product must be produced under an approved Program and be identified as meeting the requirements of the applicable USDA EV Program. 

Only eligible products may be issued a Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) Export certificate which includes the applicable statement as listed in the FSIS Library of Export Requirements. The FSIS export certificate validates the products as meeting regulatory guidelines for export. Eligible suppliers must submit a list of all eligible product items intended for shipment. The product list must be submitted in the approved Excel format. Updates to the approved product list must be made in accordance with the procedure, EV Program Updating Approved Product Lists (pdf).

Requirements for the export of beef and beef products to China can found on the AMS webpage Beef Exports to the People’s Republic of China

The Official Listing of Eligible Suppliers for the USDA EV Program for the Russian Federation can found on the FSIS Eligible Plants List (Beef) – Russian Federation. These suppliers are approved by AMS and the Russian Federation to produce or store EV eligible product for shipment to the Russian Federation.

Bovine Export Verification Programs
The following Procedures outline the specified product requirements for individual countries:

Saudi Arabia Export Verification Program

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) export requirements for Saudi Arabia have been revised.  Effective May 13, 2020 there is no longer an age restriction on cattle for this program. 

Note: Companies that wish to use beef tallow in the diet of animals approved for Saudi Arabia, must source their tallow from a facility listed on the List of Approved Rendering Facilities.

Ovine and Caprine Export Verification Program

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