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Dairy Exports

The United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Service, Dairy Grading Branch (Dairy Grading Branch) offers certification services to assist in the export of dairy and related products.  We will only provide certificates for products or conditions for which we have documentation or knowledge through plant and product inspections or grading.  AMS will not carry claims in the product description for Kosher, Halal, Organic, Extra Grade, etc. forward to the certificate.  The Dairy Grading Branch issues Sanitary Certificates to U.S. exporters. The European Union and many other countries require certificates to be dated prior to departure.  Certificates are dated the day the request is reviewed and the certificate is signed; it is the exporter’s responsibility to make sure they request certificates with sufficient time for processing.  Exported goods eligible to obtain AMS Dairy Sanitary Certificates must be manufactured in eligible plants on the following Federal Government lists.

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