Service Fees

AMS announced the 2019 rates it will charge for voluntary grading, inspection, certification, auditing and laboratory services for a variety of agricultural commodities including meat and poultry, fruits and vegetables, eggs, dairy products, and cotton and tobacco on April 30, 2019.  View the Federal Register Notice for the complete listing of fees.

Activity Cost
Certification for Futures Contract$4.25/bale

Form 1: Grading Services for Producers (submitted by licensed sampler)


Form 1 Review (new sample submitted by licensed sampler)$2.30/bale
Form A Determinations (sample submitted by licensed warehouse)$2.30/bale
Form C Determinations (sample submitted by non-licensed entity; bale sampled under USDA supervision)$2.30/bale
Form D Determination (sample submitted by owner or agent; classification represents sample only)$2.30/bale
Foreign Growth Classification (sample of foreign growth cotton submitted by owner or agent; classification represents sample only)$6.00/sample
Arbitration (comparison of a sample to the official standards or a sample type)$6.00/sample
Practical Cotton Classing Exam (for non-USDA employees)Exam: $150/applicant
Reexamination: $130/applicant
Special Sample Handling (return of samples per request)$0.50/sample
Electronic Copy of Classification Record$0.05/bale ($5.00/month minimum with any records received)
Form A Rewrite (reissuance of Form 1, Form A, or Futures Certification data or combination)$0.15/bale or $5.00/page minimum
Form R (reissuance of Form 1 classification only)$0.15/bale or $5.00/page minimum
International Instrument Level Assessment$4.00/sample


ActivityRegular per hourOvertime per hourHoliday per hour
Non-resident and Intermittent Grading/Inspection Service$82.00$96.76$116.64
Continuous Resident Grading Service$76.00$90.92$107.24
Non-resident Services 6pm-6am (10 percent night differential)$90.20$106.44$128.32
Equipment Review$82.00$123.00$164.00
Export Certificate$82.00NANA
Certified Copy of Export Certificate$41.00NANA
Derogation Application$123.00NANA

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Quality and Condition Inspections for Whole Lots$191.00/lot
Quality and Condition Half Lot or Condition-Only Inspections for Whole Lots. $159.00/lot
Condition—Half Lot$146.00/lot
Quality and Condition or Condition-Only Inspections for Additional Lots of the Same Product.$87.00/lot
Dockside Inspections—Each package weighing <30 lbs$0.044 per pkg
Dockside Inspections—Each package weighing >30 lbs$0.068 per pkg
Charge per Individual Product for Dockside Inspection$174.00 per lot
Charge per Each Additional Lot of the Same Product$79.00 per lot

ActivityRegular per hourOvertime per hourHoliday per hour

Hourly rate for inspections performed for other purposes during the grader's regularly scheduled work week

Audit Verification Services$108  

Processed Fruits and Vegetables


ActivityRegular per hourOvertime per hourHoliday per hour
Lot Inspections$75.00$95.00$116.00
In-plant Inspections Under Annual Contract (year-round)$72.00$92.00$112.00
Additional Graders (in-plant) or Less Than Year-Round$83.00$106.00$128.00
Audit Verification Services$108  



ActivityRegular per hourOvertime per hourHoliday per hour
Commitment Grading (8 hours per day between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM, 40 hours per week)$74.00$91.00$109.00
Non-Commitment Grading (8 hours or less per day between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM)$99.00$115.00$134.00
Night Differential$81.00$100.00$120.00
Audit Fee$108  

Egg & Poultry


Regular per hourOvertime per hourHoliday per hour
Resident, (in-plant) hours*$52.00$69.00$85.00
Resident, Night Differential  (6pm-6am)$55.00$77.00$95.00
Resident, Sunday Differential$64.00$86.00N/A
Resident, Sunday and Night Differential$71.00$96.00N/A
Fee Service (non-scheduled)$90.00$111.00$134.00
Auditing Fee$108  

* Administrative charges are applied in addition to hourly rates for resident service as specified in Part 56, Subpart A, §56.52 (a) (4); Part 56, Subpart A, §56.54 (a) (2); Part 70, Subpart A, §70.76 (a) (2); Part 70, Subpart A, §70.77 (a) (4) and Part 70, Subpart A, §70.77 (a) (5).



Domestic Permissive Inspection and Certification

Export Permissive Inspection and Certification$0.0025/pound  
RMAGrading  $0.015/pound  
Pesticide Test Sampling  $0.0065/kg or $0.0029/pound  
Pesticide Retest Sampling  $115.00/sample and $55.00/hour  
Standards Course$1,250.00/person  
Import Inspection and Certification  $0.0170/kg or $0.0080/pound