Further Processed Egg Products - Certification

If AMS determines that a company meets the established certification requirements, the company will be listed as eligible for export by product and country. An eligible company would contact AMS for an export certificate covering accepted product and identify the foreign country. 

  • The number of packages and total net weight is for the entire shipment covered by the certificate. Show units of weight (e.g. Kg, lbs.) All the information shall be provided on a single sheet in the format provided. Worksheets not properly completed will not be processed. It is the exporter’s responsibility to verify all documentation requirements for shipments.
  • The final product being exported must be manufactured in a facility listed on the Federal list, the name, location and plant number must match the information listed including ID numbers found in Business Listing of Egg and Egg Products.
  • Signature and date by the responsible official for the company is required on the worksheet.
  • Completed documents for requests will be returned to the applicant.
  • Each certificate request must have an accompanying courier label. AMS will not maintain a supply of individual exporter’s labels. Certificate requests that do not include courier service labels will be sent via US Mail at an additional cost.
  • Please do not put USDA information as the contact and phone number information for the sender on self-addressed labels – if the courier service has a problem with the label they should contact you.
  • Health Certificates will be billed at a minimum rate of 1 hour of the currently published hourly rate for each copy issued.

Email the completed documents to:
Contact: Mike Lopez  (501) 766-4782

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