cattle in a field on the left and a chicken on the right

Livestock and Poultry Program

The AMS Livestock & Poultry Program (L&P) carries out a variety of programs in service of the livestock, poultry, meat, fish, feedstuffs, and related industries.  Key programs include commodity grading, auditing, market news reporting, research and promotion oversight, and activities in support of Federal food and nutrition assistance programs including the National School Lunch Program.  Nearly 900 L&P employees carry out these programs from locations around the country.

Contact Information

Livestock and Poultry Program
1400 Independence Avenue, SW STOP 0249
Washington, DC 20250-0249

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Office of the Deputy Administrator

Deputy Administrator Jennifer Porter
Room 2092 - So. Bldg
(202) 720-5705

Associate Deputy Administrator Melissa Bailey
Room 2092 - So. Bldg.
(202) 205-9356

Writer/Editor Alexandria Smith
Room 2096 – So. Bldg
(202) 720-8054

Resource Management Office

Administrative Officer Allie Wilkerson
Room 3960 – So. Bldg

Agricultural Analytics Division

Director Michael Sheats
Room 2607 – So. Bldg.
(202) 690-3145

Food Safety and Commodity Specification Division 

Director David Bowden 
Room 2608 – So. Bldg.

Livestock, Poultry and Grain Market News Division

Director Michael Lynch
Room 2619 - So. Bldg.
(202) 720-4846

Quality Assessment Division 

Director Angie Snyder
Room 3951 - So. Bldg.

Research and Promotion Division

Director Kenneth Payne
Room 2608 - So. Bldg.
(202) 720-1118