Livestock and Poultry Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find market reports on livestock, poultry, meat, grains, and related projects?

Our reports can be found on our Market News page. You can call 202-720-6231 or email

Where can I find Organic Market News Reports?

Organic Market News reports can be found in our organic section on our web site. You can also email

I want information on R&P programs.

Information on our R&P programs can be found on our Research and Promotion page. You can call Jeana Harbison at 202-690-3192 or email

I'm interested in exporting my agricultural products.

For information on voluntary verification programs, visit our Import/Export page. You can call Mark Perigen at 209-404-2193 or email

How do I create or amend a carcass certification program?

Carcass Certification Program information can be found on our Certified Meat Programs page.