Mathematical Statistics

AAD provides statistical expertise in support of service integrity, development, and delivery; including data analysis, presentation, and visualization; design and use of data collection and sampling procedures; assessment and optimization of internal processes; predictive analytics to forecast likely future trends based on the analysis of historical data; and application of statistical software programs including SAS, R, and Microsoft Excel.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a dataset – how can I maximize its usefulness?

Mathematical statisticians are ready to assist you in each aspect of the analysis process. We will work with you to determine what answers you want from your data and will apply our technical expertise and statistical tools to meet your needs. When appropriate, we will provide suggestions for alternative options for analysis.

My data is a mess, can you help?

Mathematical statisticians can use various techniques to clean up a dataset (normalize) without damaging the data so that its value is maximized.

My datasets are very large. Is this a problem?

Large datasets can present unique problems to the average user. AAD mathematical statisticians have experience and powerful statistical tools which can successfully work with large datasets

My data are proprietary and must be kept secure. How do you maintain the integrity of the data and of the resulting analysis?

AAD works within the USDA network system which ensures that all data is kept in a secure environment throughout the analysis process. Once the resulting analytical findings are submitted, all associated data is destroyed.

Who can take advantage of your expertise?

AAD is an Agency service, available to all Programs and Offices within AMS at no cost. AAD also provides services to other Departmental stakeholders and to external stakeholders on a limited basis.