Contact the AMS Livestock & Poultry Program

Livestock and Poultry Program
1400 Independence Avenue, SW STOP 0249
Washington, DC 20250-0249

Office of the Deputy Administrator

Deputy Administrator Jennifer Porter
(202) 720-5705

Associate Deputy Administrator Taylor Cox
(202) 720-8054

Assistant to the Deputy Administrator Sam Jones-Ellard
(812) 240-0694

Livestock, Poultry and Grain Market News Division

Director Michael Sheats
(202) 690-3145

Market News Key Contacts

Operations and Planning Division

Director Nicole Dixon
(202) 507-2095

Quality Assessment Division 

Director Mark Perigen
(209) 702-6894

Grading, Auditing and Standards Key Contacts (pdf)

Research and Promotion Division

Director Jeana Harbison
(202) 690-3192

Standards and Specifications Division 

Director David Bowden
(202) 690-3148

Grading, Auditing and Standards Key Contacts (pdf)