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Dairy Program

The mission of the Dairy Program is to facilitate the efficient marketing of milk and dairy products.
Dairy Programs’ vision is to be efficient, effective, and innovative in program service delivery in the continually changing industry and government environments and to provide excellence in customer service and industry relations with highly skilled and motivated employees.
At the Dairy Program we recognize that our government service is a public trust for which we are all accountable. We subscribe to the following core values in our service to the dairy industry, the public, and within our own organization: cooperation, fairness, integrity, objectivity, and respect.
The AMS Dairy Program helps the U.S. dairy industry efficiently market high-quality milk and dairy products.  It also ensures that U.S. consumers have access to a sufficient supply of these products at all times.

Key Activities

  • Provide buyers and sellers with an impartial evaluation of dairy equipment and product quality so businesses and consumers can buy with confidence through the Dairy Grading Program.  

Contact Information

Mailing Address
USDA - AMS - Dairy Program
Stop 0225, Room 2968 – South
1400 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, D.C. 20250-0225
Phone: 202-720-4392

Have a question for Dairy Program?

Email AskDairy@usda.gov

Office of the Deputy Administrator

Dana Coale, Deputy Administrator
Clifford Carman, Assistant to the Deputy Administrator
Phone: 202-720-4392
Fax: 202-690-3410

Economics Division

Roger Cryan, Director
Phone: 202-720-7091

Joe Gaynor, Chief Market News Branch
Phone: 202-720-9351
Fax: 202-720-4844

Lorie Warren, Chief, Market Information Branch
Phone 202-720-4405
Fax: 202-720-4844

Butch Speth Acting Chief Market News Branch (Madison, WI)
Phone: 608-278-4152
Fax: 608-278-4141

Janet S. Linder, Acting National Supervisor, Dairy Market News
Phone: 608-422-8588
Fax: 608-240-6689

Grading & Standardization Division

William Francis, Acting Director
Phone: 202-690-0530
Fax: 202-720-2643

Terrance Jackson, Chief, Grading Branch
Phone: 202-720-7258
Fax: 202-720-2643

Christopher Thompson, Chief, Standardization Branch
Phone:  202-720-9382
Fax: 202-720-2643

Bao Tcheng, National Field Director, Grading Branch (Lisle, IL)
Phone: 630-437-5032
Fax: 630-437-5060

General Sanitary Certificate Inquiries: Email DairySanitaryCerts@ams.usda.gov

EU and Country Specific Export Inquiries: Email DairyExportsQuestions@ams.usda.gov

Dairy, Meat, and Poultry Equipment Inquiries: Email DairyNFO@ams.usda.gov

Billing Inquiries: Email DairyNFO@ams.usda.gov

Derogation Inquiries: Email DairyNFO@ams.usda.gov

Operations & Accountability Division

David Jamison, Director
Includes IT & eGov Team, Order Operations Branch, MA Personnel Staff, Business Services Staff
Phone: 202-720-5752
Fax: 202-690-3410

David Jamison, Acting Chief, Order Operations Branch
Phone: 202-720-5752
Fax: 202-720—2454

Order Formulation and Enforcement Division

Erin Taylor, Acting Director (effective May 2, 2016)
Angie Salinas, Enforcement

Promotion, Research & Planning Division

Whitney Rick, Director
Includes: Promotion and Research, Strategic Planning & Communications Staff
Phone: 202-720-6909
Fax: 202-720-0285