FACAs & Advisory Councils

One of the ways that AMS serves America’s incredibly diverse agricultural industry is through the coordination and oversight of federal advisory committees. Having transparency and objectivity within these organizations to guide USDA is crucial to the long term success of the industries we serve. By leveraging expertise from the private sector to identify best practices and overcome challenges, the boards and committees help shape and ensure the future of American agriculture.

Federal Advisory Committees (FACAs)

Since the earliest days of our nation, advisory councils have played an important role in shaping the programs and policies of the federal government.  AMS works with four FACAs:

Standards Boards

Other Ways to Get Involved

AMS also provides oversight for marketing orders and national research & promotion programs. Marketing agreements and orders are initiated by industry to help establish the grade, size, maturity, quality, or prices of goods. Each marketing order or agreement includes a framework for industry oversight through a council, committee or board made up of appointees from within the industry. Research and promotion programs focus on nutrition, research, marketing, and consumer outreach efforts that improve, maintain, and develop opportunities for agricultural commodities and products.  They are administered by a board or council whose members are nominated by the industry and then appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture.  If you are interested in being a voice for your industry and serving on a council, committee or advisory board, contact the AMS Outreach Office at 202-690-0487.