Group shot of 2017 Fruit and Vegetable Advisory Committee Members

Fruit and Vegetable Industry Advisory Committee

Since its inception in 2001, this Advisory Committee has met up to two times per year to develop recommendations for submission to the Secretary of Agriculture on issues affecting the U.S. produce industry. AMS officials ensure this Advisory Committee is administered according to the Federal Advisory Committee Act, and plan Advisory Committee meetings.

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2015-2017 Committee

FVIAC Working Groups

The FVIAC currently has seven Working Groups – Food Safety; Produce Consumption; Research, Grants & Infrastructure; Market News; Agriculture Labor; New Farmer Advocacy & Mentoring; and, Rural Broadband. These working groups meet regularly between public meetings to develop recommendations and discussion documents for the full FVIAC’s consideration.  
Food Safety
Produce Consumption
Research, Grants & Infrastructure
Agriculture Labor
New Farmer Advocacy & Mentoring
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Rural Broadband