PVPO Advisory Board

The Plant Variety Protection Board is an advisory committee established in accordance with the Federal Advisory Committee Act.  The Board is appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture in accordance with the Plant Variety Protection Act.  The duties of the Board are to: (1) advise the Secretary concerning the adoption of rules and regulations to facilitate the proper administration of the Act; (2) make advisory decisions for the Secretary on appeals concerning decisions on applications by the PVPO and on requests for emergency public-interest compulsory licenses; and (3) advise the Secretary on any other matters under the rules and regulations. The PVPO has also used the Board’s assistance by asking for their advice on procedural matters.

The PVP Board consists of 14 members, representing farmers, seed industry, trade and professional associations, and public and private research institutions.  Members are appointed for a 2-year term, with no member appointed for more than three 2-year terms.  Members meet both in-person and by teleconference to provide guidance to the PVPO.

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If you are interested in serving on the PVP Board please contact us at the PVPO