Veterans Resources

One of the very first lessons that every Veteran learned no matter which service they served in, was to never leave a person behind.  As Military Veterans in Agricultural Marketing Service we keep that same mindset.  This list of resources was designed with each of you in mind.  It does not cover every scenario but it covers a lot of ground.  If you have a question or scenario that you need assistance with, contact the Point of Contact and we will leverage the Veterans affinity group to find a solution or the right resource for you.

Service Time Buy-Back

Resources and Organizations

Contact Information

AMS Veterans Representatives

Michael Gunderson
1400 Independence Ave SW #2977
Washington, DC 20250

Tonya L. Johnson
USDA VEO President
Phone:  (703) 305-2069

Spencer Gates
1400 Independence, SW
Phone: 202-420-1363

USDA Military Veterans Agricultural Liaison Representative:

Monshi R. Ramdass CSM (Ret) U.S. Army
Cell: 202-845-6949