Volunteer Programs & Non-Paid Internships

AMS supports USDA Volunteer Programs that offer non-paid internships to high school and college students. 

Although unpaid internships typically last three to four months, they may be as brief as a day to a couple of weeks.  Regardless of their duration, unpaid internships are a way for students to gain valuable perspectives, work experience and academic credit.  In addition, unpaid internships provide students with an opportunity to explore career options, and enable USDA staff to engage and guide youth in the communities in which they work and live. 

Close to USDA headquarters in Washington, D.C., AMS has established a relationship with the Cesar Chavez Schools.  The Chavez Schools, named in honor of the Mexican-American farm worker, labor leader and civil rights activist Cesar Chavez, mission is to prepare students to succeed in college and empower them to use public policy to create a more just, free and equal world.  Chavez Schools engage students in advocacy projects from 6th through 12th grades and offers public policy courses beginning in high school. 

While AMS offers volunteer opportunities to students at the Chavez Schools, the Chavez Schools offer volunteer opportunities for AMS employees.  For example, AMS volunteers occasionally work with small groups of high school students as they develop and present their junior and senior theses.  Volunteers assess presentations, ask follow-up questions and offer guidance about areas for improvement.  By volunteering their knowledge and time, AMS volunteers are helping enrich the learning experience of students; supporting the mission of the Chavez Schools; and contributing to the development of AMS’s future workforce. 

For more information, visit USDA Volunteer Programs (Non-paid Internships) and The Chavez Schools.