How to Apply for Service

Cotton Grading

To apply for Cotton Grading Service, complete the Application for License to Sample Cotton Form CN 246 and mail to the Cotton Office.

USDA, AMS, Cotton & Tobacco Program
3275 Appling Road, Room 11
Memphis, TN 38133
Phone: 901-384-3060
Fax: 901-384-3021

Dairy Grading

To apply for Dairy Grading Services, you need an account with the Dairy Grading Branch.  To request an account, complete the fillable Request for Applicant Number Form DA-228.  The form requires only numbers, no dashes, in the Tax ID Number field (need all 9 numbers) and a Zip + 4 in the zip code field. The Dairy Programs billing system performs data matches with the IRS so the exact name the TIN is registered with is necessary.

It takes 1-2 days for a new account to be accepted into the database and an account number will be provided to you.  To request dairy grading services complete the Dairy Grading and Inspection Request form with the account number.  Completed forms can be faxed to (630) 437-5060 or emailed to

Questions? Bao Tcheng, 630-437-5032

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Grading

To apply for Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Grading services, complete the Request for Inspection or Re-inspection of Food Products SC Form 237 and submit it to a local USDA, AMS, FV, Specialty Crops Inspection (SCI) Division Office.

Processed Fruits & Vegetables Grading

To apply for Processed Fruit and Vegetable grading services, complete the Application for Inspection SC Form-356 and submit the document to a local USDA, AMS, Specialty Crops Inspection (SCI) Division Office.  

Meat, Poultry, Rabbit or Egg Grading

To apply for Meat, Poultry, Rabbit or Egg Grading and Certification services, complete the Application for Service, LPS-109 form

If you plan to use Grading services regularly, you may enter into a commitment arrangement with QAD Grading Services Branch.  Please submit the Work Schedule Request, LPS-110 form

All original forms must be completed and mailed to:

Business Operations Branch
10809 Executive Center Drive, Suite 318
Little Rock, AR 72211-6022
Phone: 501-312-2962     
Fax: 1-844-345-3575


To apply for Tobacco Services, please send an email to Darryl Earnest at or Ken Wall at requesting service.