A Reliable Waterway System Is Important to Agriculture

A Reliable Waterway System Is Important to Agriculture describes the importance of marine transportation to agricultural exports and the U.S. economy. This report briefly highlights annual transportation facts for some of the major agricultural commodities utilizing the waterways such as grain, ethanol, and fertilizer. In addition, the report discusses the financial impacts of waterway draft issues and temporary closures. It also provides a list of academic, government, and industry resources to find out more about waterway navigation, modal competition, infrastructure investment, and impacts from waterway disruptions.


Consistent with established practices, this report only considers those trade actions which are in place or have had formal announcement of effective dates as of the time of publication of the latest monthly World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report and quarterly Outlook for U.S. Agricultural Trade . Further, unless a formal end date is specified, this report also assumes such actions are in place throughout the time period covered by these forecasts.