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How to Apply for a Dairy Export Certificate

What must I do first to apply for services?

Before applying for a Dairy Export Certificate, all applicants must first set up a billing account with Dairy Grading Services.  Please complete the Request for Applicant Number Form (DA-228).

Submit the completed form to the Dairy Grading Program:

Fax: 630-437-5060

Or by mail:

USDA, AMS, Dairy
2150 Western Court, Suite 100
Lisle, IL  60532

I have my Dairy Grading Services billing account set up, what do I do now?

For shipments to the European Union, China, Chile, Colombia, or Turkey.  To apply for a Dairy Export Certificate, you must first obtain eAuthentication and then become an Electronic Trade Document Exchange (eTDE) registered user

The following tutorial provides step by step instructions for obtaining Level 2 eAuthentication and eTDE registered.

Once you have reviewed the Training Module and completed the required steps, please contact to have your registration approved.

For dairy shipments to other countries – not the European Union, China, Chile, Colombia or Turkey

To apply for a Dairy Export Certificate, you must complete the appropriate worksheet, according to instructions, and e-mail the worksheet in Word format to  

Worksheets and instructions are available on the Dairy Sanitary Certificates Page  

What are the service fees?

Listing of Service Fees
Original Certificate $82.00
Amendment to Original Certificate$82.00
Certified Certificate Copy$41.00
Scanned .pdf Certificate (sent via e-mail)$41.00
Fax copy of Certificate (not certified)$4.00
Typing fee for Faxed requests$82.00


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