How to Apply for a Dairy Export Certificate

What must I do first to apply for services?

Before applying for a Dairy Export Certificate, all applicants must first set up a billing account with Dairy Grading Services.  Please complete the Request for Applicant Number Form (DA-228).

Submit the completed form to the Dairy Grading Program:

Fax: 630-437-5060

Or by mail:

USDA, AMS, Dairy
2150 Western Court, Suite 100
Lisle, IL  60532

I have my Dairy Grading Services billing account set up, what do I do now?

For shipments to the European Union, China, Chile, Colombia, or Turkey.  To apply for a Dairy Export Certificate, you must first obtain eAuthentication and then become an Electronic Trade Document Exchange (eTDE) registered user

You must complete the following steps before you can apply for a Dairy Export Certificate:

Step 1:  Obtain eAuthentication - Users located in the United States need a Level 2 account, while users outside of the United States need a Level 1 account. Information and guidance for obtaining eAuthentication can be found in the Overview of USDA Online Procedures ‘Additional Resources’ section.

Step 2:  Complete registration in the eTDE system - Level 2 eAuthentication allows you access to complete your registration in eTDE. Once you have level 2 eAuthentication you must login to the eTDE system to complete registration.   Step by step instructions for eTDE registration are provided in the eTDE User Guide under ‘Additional Resources’.

Step 3: Once all the steps above have been completed you must request a training session with AMS Information Technology Service (ITS). Please contact  to register for a training session with AMS ITS.  You will be granted access to the eDocs system once the training has been completed.

Step 4:  Once you have completed training you can begin requesting certificates through eDocs.  For additional information on specific country requirements visit our Dairy Export Certificates page.

For dairy shipments to other countries – not the European Union, China, Chile, Colombia or Turkey

To apply for a Dairy Export Certificate, you must complete the appropriate worksheet, according to instructions, and e-mail the worksheet in Word format to  

Worksheets and instructions are available on the Dairy Sanitary Certificates Page  

What are the service fees?

Listing of Service Fees
Original Certificate $82.00
Amendment to Original Certificate$82.00
Certified Certificate Copy$41.00
Scanned .pdf Certificate (sent via e-mail)$41.00
Fax copy of Certificate (not certified)$4.00
Typing fee for Faxed requests$82.00


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