Verified Operations Registry (VOR)

The Verified Operations Registry (VOR) provides a list of U.S. operations whose products are verified or certified to the requirements of specified labeling or marketing claims.

The listing includes companies that have applied and been approved for specific product labeling and marketing claims such as USDA Grass (Forage) Fed, Origin Labeling Verification, USDA Tenderness Program and the Production and Labeling of Fowl meat.

Operations are verified by USDA using a number of options depending on the program. That may include USDA National Organic Program Accredited Certifying Agents, USDA recognized international certification bodies, companies with approved USDA Process Verified Programs, companies with approved USDA Quality System Assessment Programs, or by the Quality Assessment Division (QAD) of the Livestock and Poultry Program. 

The Verified Operations Registry is a voluntary registry which is meant to facilitate the marketing and distribution of verified and certified agricultural products. Any U.S. operation that meets the requirements of QAD 1050 Procedure may request inclusion onto the Registry. Depending on the label and marketing claim, other QAD Procedures may apply and must be verified prior to being listed.

The operations listed on the Verified Operations Registry have received USDA Approved third-party verification and are in good standing with the third-party verifier. Products that meet the requirements of the specified labeling or marketing claim may be certified and marketed accordingly.

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