One Health Certified™

One Health Certified™ is a systems-based, industry-developed program that was developed by a coalition of representatives from animal agriculture, non-profit organizations and universities.  Current standards available for AMS to audit under the One Health Certified™ program are turkey and chicken.

One Health Certified™ defines species specific guidelines for each animal protein covering production practices in five core areas: disease prevention, veterinary care, responsible antibiotic use, animal welfare and environmental impacts. Companies that align their procedures to meet the program standards and receive certification can label their retail and wholesale products with the One Health Certified™ logo.

Management of One Health Certified™ is administered by the National Institute of Antimicrobial Resistance Research and Education (NIAMRRE), based at Iowa State University. To meet the requirements of One Health Certified™, a company must be audited through the USDA Process Verified Program (PVP), which is defined in the PVP Program Procedure. To ensure conformance to One Health Certified™, audit reports will be submitted to NIAMRRE.

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The following approved companies have been found in conformance with the requirements of One Health Certified and with all criteria of their approved quality management systems.

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