Process Verified Program

The USDA Process Verified Program is a verification service that offers applicants a unique way to market their products to customers using clearly defined, implemented, and transparent process points.  An applicant’s program may include one or more agricultural processes or portions of processes where self-described process points are (1) supported by a documented management system, and (2) independently verified by a qualified AMS auditor. AMS auditors conduct a rigorous review of a company’s program, first with a desk audit to ensure all program requirements are accounted for and documented in their Quality Manual, followed by a comprehensive on-site audit of all facilities and phases of the operation that impact process verified points.

A documented program supported by a management system allows applicants the opportunity to assure customers of their ability to provide consistent quality products. Process points may include how a company conforms to various internal, industry, international or customer defined requirements. As such, process points must be verifiable, repeatable, feasible, and factual and cannot be requirements of regulations or management system criteria. 

Examples of process points verified by AMS include but are not limited to: adherence to a recognized standard that is not otherwise required by the quality management system or regulation; a production and/or handling practice that provides specific information to consumers to enable them to make informed decisions on the products that they buy; a service with a characteristic for that type of operation; a quantifiable characteristic such as size, weight, or age; and a characteristic, practice, or requirement that is specifically requested by a customer or consumer.

AMS uses the International Organization for Standardization's ISO 9000 series standards for documented quality management systems as a format for evaluating USDA Process Verified Program documentation to ensure consistent auditing practices and promote international recognition of audit results.

Applicants with an approved USDA Process Verified Program may develop promotional materials associated with their process verified points, use the USDA PVP shield in accordance with Program requirements and market themselves as "USDA Process Verified". The USDA Process Verified Program does not relieve the company of meeting regulatory requirements.

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