Program Notices

FGIS-PN-23-07 - Rescinding Program Directive 9180.86 Inspection of Export Soybean and Wheat Lots for Canada Thistle Dated February 27, 2019 (pdf) 10/1/2023

FGIS-PN-23-06 Special Grade, “High Moisture” and Contrasting Chickpeas in the Class Chickpea/Garbanzo Beans (pdf) 7/01/2023

FGIS-PN-23-05 Sample Collection Responsibilities for Verifying the Accuracy of Moisture Meter Calibrations Crop Year 2023 (pdf) 6/06/2023 TSD

FGIS-23-04 Uniform Reporting of Sample Not Available for SIMS and STEP 7/19/2023 (pdf) 7/19/2023

FGIS-PN-23-03 Entering a Unique Identifier for Weighing or Inspection in the Certificate Program (pdf) 4/17/2023

FGIS-PN-23-02 National Export Soybean Sample Collection Plan (pdf) 2/03/2023 FMD

FGIS-PN-23-01 - Completing Data Collection Documents(pdf) 10/06/2022 FMD-OD

FGIS-PN-22-05 Approval of New Light Emitting DIODE (LED) Lamps (pdf) 05/26/2022 FMD-PPMAB

FGIS-PN-22-03 - Transfer Of Officially Sampled And Graded Bulk Milled/Brown Rice (pdf) 05/11/2022 FMD-PPMAB

FGIS-PN-20-05 - Optional Corn Dockage Checktest Procedure (pdf) 08/13/2020 

FGIS-PN-20-04 - Plastic Bags, Coin Envelopes, Trifold Envelopes, Plastic Quart Bottles, and Plastic Cable Ties (pdf) 06/9/2020

FGIS-PN-19-05 Video Stowage Exam for River Barges (pdf) 8/08/2019

FGIS-PN-19-04 - Inspection of Flood Damaged Grain (pdf) 04/12/2019

FGIS-PN-18-07 - Examination of Audit Trails of Scales Used for Official Weighing (pdf) FMD-PPMAB

FGIS-PN-18-05 - Soybean Systems Approach: Sampling and Testing Working Group Weed Seed Survey Protocol (pdf) 09/29/2018 FMD-PPMAB

FGIS-PN-18-03 - Approval of Formica 920-58 Almond Laminate Work Surface (pdf) 12/28/2017 TSD

FGIS-PN-18-02 - Near Infrared Transmittance (NIRT) Procedures For Foss Infratec Nova (pdf) 11/14/2017 FMD-PPMAB

FGIS-PN-17-04 - Approval of New Near Infrared Transmittance (NIRT) Instrument (pdf) 09/11/2017 TSD

FGIS-PN-15-02 - Visual Reference Image Interpretive Line Prints (pdf) 9/24/2015 TSD

FGIS-PN-10-03 - Additional Parameters for Automated Monitoring and Supervision of Official Weighing (pdf) 10/19/2009 FMD-PPMAB

FGIS-PN-08-03 - Changes to Certification Procedures (pdf) 02/06/2008 FMD-PPMAB

FGIS-PN-08-01 - Inspection Certificate Updates (pdf) 11/12/2007 FMD-PPMAB

FGIS-PN-03-06 - Issuance Retention Policy (pdf) 09/04/2003 FMD-PPMAB

FGIS-PN-03-03 - Walk-Through Safety Inspections at Grain Elevators (pdf) 09/05/2003 FMD-PPMAB

FGIS-PN-02-01 - Bulk Identity-Preserved Inspection Plan (pdf) 1/08/2002 FMD-PPMABFGIS-PN-99-7 - Revised File Retention Schedule for Licensing Records (pdf) 03/22/1999 FMD-PPMAB

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