Grants, Loans and Other Support

AMS is helping communities scale up local and regional food systems and strengthen their economies. Whether you are an individual farmer looking to extend your growing season, a cooperative of growers looking to rebuild a food hub, a farmers' market that wants to accept SNAP benefits, a school that needs cold storage to store locally procured meat, or anyone in between, we can help you identify funding opportunities to support your local food efforts based on where you are in the supply chain.

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To find out which grants apply to you depending on your place in the local and regional food system, please view the USDA Programs in the Local Food Supply Chain document (PDF, 112KB).

Agricultural Marketing Service: Market your product or improve intermediary supply chain activities.

Farm Service Agency: Loans and assistance programs to establish, improve, expand, transition, and strengthen your farm or ranch.

Food and Nutrition Service: Find opportunities to promote and fund nutrition programs.

Forest Service: Funding for agro-forestry and environmental stewardship.

Natural Resources Conservation Service: These opportunities maintain and improve their existing conservation systems and help producers adopt additional conservation activities.

National Institute for Food and Agriculture: Collaborate with leading scientists, policymakers, experts, and educators to solve impact food, agriculture, natural resources, and human science issues.

Risk Management Agency: Find funding to protect your assets and learn how to manage long-term risks and challenges.

Rural Development: Apply for loans, grants and loan guarantees to support essential community services or obtain funding to improve supply chain activities.


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