How Do I Administer the SCBGP Award?

What are my requirements for administering my grant?

You must follow the requirements provided in your Notice of Award, which refers to your grant’s General Terms and Conditions.  You can find links to each active fiscal year at the Grants Terms and Conditions page.

How do I request a payment request?

You must complete and submit the following documentation:

How do I request to amend my grant?

You must follow the requirements provided in your grant’s General Terms and Conditions; however, we also have some helpful examples below of acceptable prior approval requests.

How do I report on my grant’s progress?

The SCBGP interim reporting period is on an annual basis. You must submit Interim Performance Reports within 90 days after the reporting period end date. For Final Reports, the due date will be based on the date of your award. For awards dated 2020 and prior, the final report is due within 90 calendar days. For 2021 and forward, final reports will have 120 days to be submitted.

AMS grant recipients must use the Performance Progress Report (PPR) within GrantSolutions for submission of the interim and final reports. These templates are provided as a tool to assist with the collection of the necessary reporting data from your subrecipients. The templates have been updated to better match the order and layout in the PPR and have been streamlined for both interim and final reporting purposes.

For Grants Made 2021 and Prior:

For Grants Made 2022 Forward:

Please note that if a subrecipient project is completed, you and your subrecipient(s) may submit a Final Performance Report in your Annual Performance Report.

How do I report on my grant’s financial status?

The Federal Financial Report (FFR), also known as the SF-425, must be completed and submitted at the same time as your interim and final performance reports. All FFRs for FY21 awards forward must be submitted through the Payment Management System (PMS). These reports will match the formatting of the below example PDFs. For FY20 awards prior, the reports will be submitted via e-mail to your grants management specialist.

How do I report on special purpose equipment or unused supplies in excess of $5,000 purchased through my grant?

If you purchase special purpose equipment or have unused supplies in excess of $5,000 you must submit a Tangible Personal Property Report within 90 days after your grant’s expiration date, which includes completing and submitting the following documentation:

If you determine at any time during your grant, except at close out, to sell, transfer, or otherwise dispose of the equipment, you must request disposition instructions from AMS by completing and submitting the following documentation:

How do I report my grant activities and executive salaries in FFATA?

You can review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on FFATA reporting for information.