Domestic Origin Verification

AMS is responsible for ensuring all fruit, vegetable, and nut commodities purchased for USDA food assistance outlets are 100 percent grown in the United States.

In order to demonstrate compliance, vendors may choose either: a minimum of one traceback per contract and commodity at each facility, or participate full-time in the Domestic Origin Verification Audit (DOV) program.

To apply for DOV Audit Services, complete the DOV Program Application for Service form SC-DOV-1, and submit it to

For additional information about the DOV audit service, contact the SCI Division, Audit Services Branch at:

Telephone: (202) 720-5021
Fax: : (866) 230-9168

DOV Program Updates

Program participants can find a list of the most recent changes to the guidelines and procedures of the USDA Domestic Origin Verification Audit Program on the USDA, AMS Extranet site under Shared Documents, or contact the DOV Program Manager.

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