National Producer Handler Hearing Related Correspondence

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Aurora Organic Dairy, et al. Comment on NMPF and IDFA proposals .pdf 12.11 KB
Becky Mallott Comment .pdf 20.25 KB
Congressman Frank Lucas Comment .pdf 80.16 KB
Congressman Joseph Pitts Comment .pdf 53.21 KB
Congressmen James M. Inhofe and Tom A. Coburn Comment .pdf 45.69 KB
Congressmen John Carter, Mac Thornberry, Tim Holden and Chet Edwards Comment .pdf 52.07 KB
Country Dairy Inc. Comment on NMPF and IDFA proposals .pdf 45.19 KB
Dr. Jared Gardner Comment .pdf 27.24 KB
Dr. John Ortman Comment .pdf 10.67 KB
Dr. Patricia Pease Comment .pdf 66.08 KB
Green Edge Organic Gardens Comment .pdf 28.1 KB
Gwen King Comment .pdf 20.13 KB
Jane Donnell Comment .pdf 20.62 KB
Letter in Opposition to NMPF and IDFA proposals submitted by Aurora et al. .pdf 15.56 KB
Liz Florentino Comment .pdf 10.71 KB
Michigan Milk Producers Association, Inc. and Dairy Farmers of America, Inc. .pdf 10.82 KB
New York Organic Dairy Task Force - Comment .pdf 227.92 KB
NH District One Executive Councilor Comment on NMPF and IDFA proposals .pdf 212.36 KB
Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance Comment .pdf 28.49 KB
Pamela Call Comment .pdf 9.81 KB
Parker Bosley - Comment .pdf 15.15 KB
Pat Brooks Comment .pdf 50.91 KB
Request for Extension of Request for Additional Proposals Submission Deadline .pdf 8.63 KB
Sarah Stanich Comment .pdf 10.4 KB
Stafford Organic Creamery Comment .pdf 660.85 KB
Stan Harris Comment .pdf 9.96 KB
Steven Rasmussen Comment .pdf 15.09 KB
U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill Comment .pdf 59.67 KB
U.S. Senator Judd Gregg Comment .pdf 40.17 KB
V & V Farms Comment on NMPF and IDFA proposals .pdf 12.04 KB