Director Clifton Gilchrist

Clifton Gilchrist, was hired as an Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist with the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) on December 13, 2004.  In March 2005, he was selected to serve as the Deputy Director for the AMS, Civil Rights Program.  He served in this capacity for several years, before he was selected on March 15, 2009, to serve as the AMS Civil Rights Director.

Prior to coming to USDA, Mr. Gilchrist was employed as a Civil Rights Complaints Manager with the HQ, Department of Defense (DoD), Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS).  Prior to working there, he was employed with the Department of Treasury, General Services Administration, and at the Department of Army.  He has served over 30 years with the Federal Government, and he has gained lots of experience in the different areas of Civil Rights/EEO by working with these various Federal Agencies.

Mr. Gilchrist has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Personnel Management from Norfolk State University, in Norfolk, Virginia.  He also possesses a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Bowie State University in Bowie, Maryland.

Mr. Gilchrist is a native of Virginia Beach, Virginia, and he now lives in Maryland.  He is married, and he is the proud father of two children.