AMS Administrative Issuances

AMS Administrative Issuances are documents that communicate Agency policies and procedures to employees regarding administrative functions. They provide instruction to employees or explain benefits and how to obtain them. There are three types of Administrative Issuances used in AMS: Directives, Handbooks/Manuals, and Administrative Notices.

Types of Issuances

Directives are permanent issuances that are in force until canceled. Directives are used to issue delegations of authority, basic policies, and operating instructions.

Handbooks/Manuals are permanent issuances which give technical guidance and detailed procedures on a particular subject or function, generally of the type that must be referred to on a daily or frequent basis.

Administrative Notices are temporary, one-time issuances that normally address a single subject or action, establish short-term programs or interim procedures, or make announcements.

Issuances Sorted by Subject Categories



Budget, Finance, and Travel

Information Technology

Human Resources and Civil Rights

Procurement, Realty, and Property


Questions or comments concerning issuances should be directed to the APHIS, MRPBS, MRP-IT, Information Management Branch.