Seasonal Cotton Jobs - Florence, SC

The following seasonal cotton jobs are available in our Florence, SC Classing Office.

Apply Starting August 7, 2023:

  1. Instrument Mechanic Helper (HVI Technician)  The minimum requirements to qualify for this position include high school diploma or GED.

Apply Starting August 14, 2023

  1. Agricultural Commodity Graders (Classer Trainee, GS-1980-05) - Minimum qualifications are high school diploma or GED and six months experience in managing, growing, marketing, or grading cotton OR six months experience grading other agricultural products for the state or federal government; as a computer operator, bank teller, bookkeeper, tax clerk or secretary; OR in a trade requiring special training or license; OR successful completion of Vo-Tech training, OR 520 hours of Cotton Program employment with fully successful in all elements. Proof of special training or license required.