Field of Barley

PVPO Services and Fees

The total cost of protection is $5,150. This price includes $4,382 for the application and examination; and $768 for the certificate fee (payable when the certificate is ready to issue). These fees are subject to change. A complete list of itemized fees is provided below.

Fees are paid at the time of making an application or at the time of submitting a request for any fee-based action listed below. Payment can be submitted through the ePVP system.  Checks and money orders payable to "Treasurer of the United States” can be mailed to the PVPO.  Credit card payment can be submitted through the credit card form.

PVPO Services and Fees
Filing the application and notifying the public of filing$518.00
Search or examination$3,864.00
Submission of new application data, after notice of allowance, prior to issuance of certificate$432.00
Allowance and issuance of certificate and notifying public of issuance$768.00
Revive an abandoned application$518.00
Reproduction of records, drawings, certificates, exhibits, or printed material (copy per page of material)$1.80
Authentication (each page)$1.80
Correcting or re-issuance of a certificate$518.00
Recording assignments, any revisions of an assignment, or withdrawal or revocation of an assignment (per certificate or application)$41.00
Copies of 8" x 10" photographs in color.$41.00
Additional fee for reconsideration$518.00
Additional fee for late payment$41.00
Fee for handling replenishment seed sample (applicable only for certificates issued after June 20, 2005)$38.00
Additional fee for late replenishment of seed$41.00
Filing a petition for protest proceeding$4,118.00
Appeal to Secretary (refundable if appeal overturns the Commissioner's decision)$4,942.00
Granting of extensions for responding to a request$89.00
Any other services not covered by this schedule, please contact PVPO 


  • A recording assignment is any change to the Name of an Owner(s), Address of an Owner(s), Name of a Representative or the Address of a Representative.  The fee is $41 for any of these updates and is performed using the “Recordation Form”.
  • Field inspections by a representative of the Plant Variety Protection Office made at the request of the applicant shall be reimbursable in full (including travel, per diem or subsistence, salary, and administrative costs) in accordance with Standardized Government Travel Regulations. Any other service not covered above will be charged at rates prescribed by the Commissioner, but in no event shall they exceed $107 per employee-hour. Charges also will be made for materials, space, and administrative costs.