How to Apply for PVP

There are several ways to submit your application to PVPO.  The best way is through the electronic Plant Variety Protection (ePVP) System.

The ePVP System is an electronic application review and examination software package used by PVPO customers and staff.  The system provides a seamless interface between customers and PVPO, creating an efficient and effective application management system.  Specifically, the ePVP system is a secure way for applicants to 1) file new plant variety protection applications, 2) amend existing applications, 3) pay fees, 4) check the status of an application, and 5) correspond directly with PVPO staff.  The PVPO staff use the system to 1) log incoming applications; 2) collect fees; 3) examine and confirm that a variety is new, distinct, uniform, and stable; 4) correspond with applicants regarding application questions; and 5) issue certificates of protection.

All users of (ePVP) System must have electronic authentication through the USDA e-Authentication system.  

All new users of of (ePVP) System must obtain electronic authentication by registering through the USDA e-Authentication system.  

International users should apply for Level 1 eAuthentication. They must notify the ePVP System Administrator when they have requested eAuthentication by sending an email to  The user’s name and organization should be included in the email. The ePVP System Administrator must approve new international users before access to the ePVP system will be available. Domestic (U.S.) users need to apply for a Level 2 eAuthentication account, but do NOT need to send an email to the System Administrator.

As an alternative, the completed ST-470 Application for PVP Certificate and Objective Description of Variety can be submitted by email to; or mailed to the PVPO.

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