LFPA Executive Summary - Guam

The Guam Department of Agriculture (DOAG) will purchase food from the Farmers’ Cooperative Association of Guam (FCAG), whose members are socially disadvantaged farmers. Members of FCAG are registered, certified and in compliance with the DOAG Bona Fide program. The purchased food items will be distributed directly to the underserved community through an established food bank distribution center; a partnership between DOAG, Government of Guam partners, and a local agriculture advocacy organization. DOAG will work with Government of Guam partners, non-governmental organizations, and non-profit organizations to distribute the produce to large population segments using existing distribution infrastructure. Beneficiaries will be Guam’s underserved communities who cannot easily access or afford local produce. Purchasing the food directly from farmers will provide economic growth opportunities while affirming partnerships between the farmers and multiple organizations. This program also helps to establish individual farmers, as well as FCAG, as reliable consistent producers. This consistency will increase and improve the public profile of local farmers. Through this program DOAG will improve agricultural supply chain resiliency, support disadvantaged farmers experiencing hardship, strengthen Guam’s local food system, and improve health and wellness in our underserved community. Guam is 30 miles long and 9 miles wide with an area of 212 square miles, well within the 400-mile threshold between farmer/rancher and consumer.