Wyandotte Nation

Wyandotte Nation is the lead applicant for the Local Food Purchase Assistance Program and plans to establish new marketing opportunities by purchasing fruit, vegetables, dairy, and protein from local producers and socially disadvantaged farmers/producers in order to distribute food fresh and nutritious foods to our underserved community.

The Tribe’s proposed project will maintain and improve food and agricultural supply chain resiliency. Proposed high-level activities to be carried out over the 24-month time frame include, but are not limited to: 1) hiring a CDL Truck Driver, 2) procuring necessary items including funds for purchasing food, 3) disseminating educational outreach to participate in the Local Food Purchase Assistance Program, 4) establishing and broadening partnerships with farmers/producers and the food distribution community, 5) distributing food to our underserved community, 5) collecting data of project activities, 6) submitting quarterly, annual, and final financial and progress reports, and 7) sharing lessons learned of promising best practices to other American Indian/First Nation communities.

Measurement of success will be determined by the completion of the program and its intended results. Success of the project will be shared with the community through the tribe’s monthly newspaper, Facebook page, and tribal website. Wyandotte Nation kindly requests $281,600 for the successful implementation of the Fiscal Year 2022 USDA Local Food Purchase Assistance Cooperative Agreement Program funding opportunity.