LFPA Executive Summary - West Virginia

The West Virginia Department of Agriculture (WVDA), through the Local Food Purchase Assistance Cooperative Agreement Program (LFPA), will subgrant funds to Facing Hunger Food Bank (FHFB) and Mountaineer Food Bank (MFB). The food banks, utilizing their respective purchasing procedures, will purchase food from local producers who are deemed socially disadvantaged. These producers will be identified with the assistance of various agencies. The domestic food will be distributed to rural and remote communities throughout West Virginia by the food banks. The bulk of the funding will be utilized to OMB No. 0581-0330 purchase fresh and processed foods for distribution. A portion of these funds will be utilized for program development, administration, food storage and distribution. These funds will supplement the existing federal food programs in West Virginia and reach communities that are not currently served. Underserved communities will be identified with the assistance of local and state agencies. These funds will enable local farmers that are socially disadvantaged the opportunity to be competitive with larger producers and sell their food at a price above wholesale. This is an opportunity for the small producer to work with aggregators to expand their market opportunity. This funding will provide the food banks the ability to establish partnerships with producers that will ensure continued distribution of fresh and processed foods to underserved communities after the end of this grant.