Spirit Lake Tribe

The Spirit Lake Tribe is applying for a Local Food Purchase Assistance Cooperative Agreement Program allocation to procure and distribute domestic and tribal grown food to an underserved and impoverished community that is in a designated Promise Zone.

Spirit Lake Tribe’s goal is to procure healthy-ready to eat, frozen meals that include traditional foods from a Tribal owned vendor; Tocabe Marketplace. The foods will include bison, Pantry goods will be rotating the meals monthly that include grains, produce and proteins. Produce will always include a variety of corn, beans and squash focusing on seasonal basis as available. Proteins will include braised bison, braised turkey, elk, and bison sausage and smoked or braised beef, blue cornmeal, wild rice, turnips, squash and a variety of other vegetables. The quality of the foods will be a healthier meal option but will also incorporate traditional foods for our community members that are not always accessible within the community. The source of the foods for the meals will be sourced from tribal communities that are socially disadvantaged and allow new marketing opportunities for producers.