LFPA Executive Summary – South Carolina

The South Carolina Department of Agriculture (SCDA) is requesting funding through a Cooperative Agreement with USDA AMS under the Local Food Purchase Assistance program to facilitate the purchase and distribution of local foods within the state. SCDA will work with a network of distributors and farmers to ensure the purchase of local foods from rural and socially disadvantaged farmers, as well as the distribution of local foods to underserved areas. SCDA will partner with the Catawba Indian Nation, the only federally recognized tribal nation in South Carolina, to further increase the impact of program funding and to reach members of the Nation. Additionally, SCDA will work with other third-party partners to assist in the development and management of the program, as well as evaluation of the program’s results. Expected outcomes from this project include the purchase of foods from at least 120 farmers, including at least 60 socially disadvantaged and rural farmers and ranchers, as well as distribution to at least 24 counties of need. Additionally, we expect to facilitate further market development for farmers that will be sustained beyond the funding period.