LFPA Executive Summary – Puerto Rico

The Department of Agriculture of Puerto Rico, together with its attached agencies, focuses its efforts on the full development of our Puerto Rican farmers. It aims to ensure the island’s food resilience by promoting the production of healthy and wholesome food that promotes balanced nutrition. Where our farmers are the producers par excellence to meet those needs. To such ends, we intend to encourage the marketing of agricultural products by acquiring the crops of our small and socially disadvantaged farmers. The DA has analyzed and selected 68 non-profit entities for the distribution of 250,000 boxes of food in one year. These boxes will contain an assortment of seasonal fruits with a maximum value of $30 per box. Through this distribution we intend to reach the socially disadvantaged, poor, and rural communities of our Island. In addition, we intend to promote the economic growth of our farmers by encouraging their marketing channels and distribution opportunities for their crops. This opportunity will allow for none profit entities to procure local foods and meet the nutrition needs of the populations they serve. The DA will be purchasing produce from local and socially disadvantage farmers and packaging it for distribution to the recipient organizations. These products will be available to pick up at one of its eight marketing centers around the Island (San Germán, San Sebastián, Cayey, Naranjito, Ciales, Santa Isabel, Rio Grande or Patillas). Or in case the recipient organization needs it, they could be transported to the most convenient location.