LFPA Executive Summary – Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Local Farmers Programs for Underserved Populations will provide outreach and target socially disadvantaged farmers and producers to provide local foods to underserved communities. The goal is to identify socially disadvantaged farmers and producers and provide an opportunity for them to distribute food products to local communities and therefore expand economic development, not only for the producer, but for the communities they serve.

An application process will be posted in the public notice section and through grassroots organization and communities, allowing farmers to apply and be listed as participants. Once local farmers/producers are identified for this project, the State food banks will review the list and select products and local foods to provide to their underserved communities. There will also be opportunity for local farmers and producers to contract with current distributors and food hubs to increase expansion and income for their business.

Farmers selected for the clearinghouse will identify their products, quantities and service areas allowing the food banks and their local partners to select the items and the quantities amount that can best serve the community. The goal of this project is to expand economic development and create partnerships between local farmers and communities long after the project is complete.