LFPA Executive Summary - New Mexico

The “Nourish New Mexico” project will strengthen economic opportunities – and income security – for small to mid‐sized socially disadvantaged  producers through the establishment of partnerships with New Mexico’s hunger relief network. Priority will be placed on ensuring long‐term sustainability of project outcomes, with a special focus on value chain capacity building, procurement and distribution partner training and securing state investment for the  longevity of the project. To ensure that identified producers are engaged in procurements, the New Mexico Farmers’ Marketing Association will draw from its extensive network of specialty crop producers, expand its Approved Supplier Program that serves institutional markets, and work with regional food hubs that prioritize small to mid‐sized socially disadvantaged producers. Additional purchases will primarily occur in agricultural industries – meat, dairy, eggs, and value‐added/manufactured foods, specifically – that are historically underrepresented in the state’s locally sourced food assistance programs. The New Mexico Association of Food Banks will manage the procurement and distribution of New Mexico produced foods through the Mobile Food Pantry Program (Tribal community‐focused), Farm to Food Pantry Program, and Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program. A minimum of 3,375 food insecure New  Mexicans and 589 socially disadvantaged producers in all regions of the state will benefit from the program’s immediate and long-term impacts.