Monacan Indian Nation

The Monacan Indian Nation Walut Pí:se “Food is Good” Project aims to assist and support our local farmers and vendors, provide good, healthy local foods to our tribal citizens and the community and to provide for the underserved community. The objectives of the project are as follows: Objective 1: By the end of month 24, create partnerships with at least nineteen local and socially disadvantaged food distributors to purchase foods for distribution and to help build and expand economic opportunities; Objective 2: By the end of month 24, distribute 1300 safe, healthy, and locally-produced meals and food items per month to the underserved Monacan tribal citizens and community members; Objective 3: By the end of month 24, host four gatherings of local producers and create three monitoring and evaluation tools to share the lessons learned, improve outcomes, and to foster sharing and adoption of promising best practices.