LFPA Executive Summary – Mississippi

The Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce (MDAC) will partner with the three Feeding America affiliated food banks that together service all 82 counties in the state of Mississippi. MDAC will subcontract with each of the Food Banks to procure locally produced food, including foods purchased from socially disadvantaged farmers, and distribute the food to identified underserved communities through their networks of existing and new agency partners created as a result of the project.

The dollar amount subcontracted to each of the Food Banks will be based upon their level of TEFAP funding in their service areas. The food banks will both procure and distribute the food using their delivery method in place, or they will subcontract with a food consolidator/distributor to handle the procurement and distribution. These food banks have experience in food distribution, including knowledge of food safety and handling, and capacity to store and manage food inventory. These Food Banks have an established food distribution network work with multiple partner agencies across the state that are currently engaged in food distribution to underserved communities.

Beneficiaries of the project include Mississippi’s socially disadvantaged farmers, additional local farmers/ranchers, processed food producers, as well as the population in underserved communities. It is expected that food purchased from 30 farmers/food producers/cooperatives with 33 percent being socially disadvantaged will be distributed at 50 locations in the state.