LFPA Executive Summary – Maryland

Maryland Department of Agriculture will develop a new market for the invasive blue catfish and increase sales for Maryland farmers in this project. Additionally, MDA and its subcontractors – the Maryland Food Bank and the Capitol Area Food Bank -- will distribute $5.955 million of fresh, local produce and other ag products to address hunger in the population of need -- approximately 2 million Marylanders.

In a new $100,000 program, MDA will partner with the Maryland Food Bank to assist socially disadvantaged farmers in urban areas in Maryland in growing fresh, local produce that will be distributed in urban food deserts. It is hoped that this will help these small farmers develop a steady market for their crops.

MDA will work with the Maryland Department of Human Services and subcontractors to ensure that food is distributed through smaller food pantries and food banks in rural and urban food deserts.

MDA will develop informational handouts that describe how best to prepare blue catfish and local agricultural products and connect recipients with online resources to find farmers markets and other local food distribution sites.