Cowlitz Indian Tribe

Native Americans face some of the highest rates of food insecurity, and the pandemic has worsened this disparity. Many people in Indian Country reside in food deserts—areas with few grocery stores or access to fresh produce and healthy foods. The Cowlitz Indian Tribe has begun a collaborative pilot program to solve hunger in our local Native American communities. The Tribe and local food agencies are working together on a two-year project to improve nutrition security and increase food sovereignty for Tribal members.

This distribution program will dedicate itself to bringing fresh produce and indigenous food to our community for healthy diets. We are building a solid network of support for the food systems that keep our community healthy and thriving. Our distribution program will deliver fresh and nutritious meals to over 880 historically disadvantaged American Indian families living in Western Washington State. Partnering with local food producers will ensure that the revenue will remain in our local economy and accelerate the food producer's growth and sustainability.