LFPA Executive Summary - Colorado

Colorado Local Food Procurement and Distribution Project

Executive Summary  Working with the Colorado (CO) Department of Agriculture, the CO Department of Human Services (CDHS) will procure CO produced food products, focused on socially disadvantaged producers, packing, transportation and distribution to Coloradans in need of nutritional support due to financial hardship.

CDHS requests cooperative agreement funds to support CO’s agricultural producers, with a focus on socially disadvantaged producers.  Local foods will be purchased with distribution to those in need with a focus on recipient organizations not under a TEFAP agreement with the goal of increasing consumption of CO produced food at those sites.

CDHS will issue a Request for Applications for proposals to CO based organizations to describe how they plan to produce or procure CO grown and raised food products, package it for household consumption, transport and store the food, along with the identification of distribution sites, and how the food will be distributed.  In addition to the public posting on CO’s solicitation system, CDHS will advertise the procurement notice to Colorado Blueprint to End Hunger, Hunger Free Colorado, Nourish Colorado, Colorado State University, and others to ensure wide broadcasting of the opportunity.

Requested Funds  $ 3.89 Million

Project Beneficiaries.  Project beneficiaries will include at least 10 local food producers and at least 200 recipient organizations.