LFPA Executive Summary – Arkansas

The Arkansas Local Food Purchase Assistance Program (ARLFPA), funded through the Local Food Purchase Assistance Program (LFPA), will establish cooperative agreements between the state’s food distribution network and local farmers/producers to provide fresh, nutritious foods to underserved communities. The purpose of this program is to strengthen Arkansas’ local food system while, supporting local and socially disadvantaged farmers/producers through building and expanding opportunities. The ARLFPA will also establish and broaden partnerships with farmers/producers and food distribution networks, including non-profits, to ensure distribution of fresh, nutritious foods in rural, remote, and underserved communities. It is the expectation that ARLFPA partner agencies will purchase domestic food products from local farmers and producers, predominantly from socially disadvantaged farmers and producers.

Applications for participation will be available for producers, distributors, and transporters/aggregators. Eligible applicants must demonstrate they have the capability to produce, purchase, store, aggregate, transport, and/or distribute local products to underserved communities in Arkansas.