LFPA Executive Summary – Alaska

The Alaska Local Food Purchase Program (AFLPP) will provide grant funding for purchase of locally grown and produced foods from farmers in Alaska. Alaska relies on small to medium size producers for local food during a growing season of 80-110 days each year, which cannot meet our current food needs, resulting in 95% importation of food.  Farmers face barriers for inputs and sale of products.  Alaskan farmers cannot to compete with outside producers for government food purchase programs or wholesale contracts with grocers, limiting sales and growth opportunities. ALFPP partners local farmers, village/tribal farms, and ranches with local distribution to those in their communities that do not geographically or financially have access to local fresh foods.   Funds will support growth of regional farming through pilot programs with Qik’rtaq Food Hub, which includes six geographically isolated villages, Steven’s Village tribal buffalo ranch, to provide distribution to small villages and tribes in their areas.  Statewide development of cooperatives in partnership with the Farm Bureau will support coordination with the Alaska Division of Agriculture for procurement for the Food Bank of Alaska in purchasing foods at competitive Alaska wholesale pricing.  Alaska Farmers Market Association will utilize a portion of ALFPP funds to purchase foods in markets across Alaska that will be distributed to local elder programs and partner food banks. By providing an income source for Alaska farmers the funds will strengthen regional food systems and provide local foods to disadvantaged Alaskans who have limited access to locally sourced foods.